Afghan Stitch/ Tunisian Crochet Tutorials:

Afghan Stitch Tutorial
 Carry Yarn to the Right - Youtube video

Single Crochet Using Graphs Tutorials:

Crochet N' More
Video - single crochet with a graph

Afghan Hooks & Crochet Hooks, Yarn:

Mary Maxims
Denise Interchangeable Crochet Hooks



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Crochet Sites

Personal Creations

Step-by-Step Single Crochet Tutorial for Beginners

Sewing Techiques for Crochet

Crochet in the Car

Knit Sites

 Deborah's Knitting

Ultimate Knitting Resource

 Learn How to Knit and Crochet Costumes, Clothing, Blankets and More! (halloweencostumes.com)

Free Patterns:

Bev's Country Cottage
Crochet Me
Crochet Pattern Central
30 Super Easy Knitting & Crochet Patterns
P2 Designs for Charity
Paton Yarns

Ravelry (user name hammelldl)
Warm Heart, Warm Babies

Baby Blankets

The Elegant Child:

The Elegant Child of Beverly Hills offers an array of personalized gifts including baby blankets, baby shower gifts, designer baby gift and custom gift baskets for newborns. These exquisite gifts display style, sophistication and quality that are the essence of The Elegant Child.



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Crafting with your hands

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Why you  need to have a hobby.

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Grants for Low Income

Internet Addiction Statistics (internetadvisor.com)

Grants for single mothers | Financial help for single moms (singlemothersgrants.org)

Alcoholism & College Students - Alcohol Rehab Help

Camp Lejeune Claims Center | Water Contamination Lawsuit & Claims

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Mesothelioma Treatment - The Lanier Law Firm

What Can Trigger a Depressive Episode? | White Light Behavioral Health (whitelightbh.com)

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Top College Scholarships for Veterans in 2023 | Online Masters Colleges

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Grants for Seniors

Houston Detox Resources - Magnolia City Detox

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Boca Recovery Center | Addiction Treatment Built Around You

Drug Rehab in Idaho - Eagle Creek Ranch Recovery (idahorecoverycenter.com)

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Gaithersburg, MD (thefreedomcenter.com)

A Single Mother - Grants for Single Mothers

Eating Disorders and Addiction (withinhealth.com)

LGBTQ Substance Abuse Treatment - Bayview Recovery - WA

Cold and Blue on the Floor - Narcan (naloxone) Saves Lives - Drug Rehab USA

Homeless Shelters

Telehealth Mental Health Treatment - Evolve Wellness Inc

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Seniors Cancer Guide to Cancer Treatment and Wellness (asbestos.com)

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Holistic Healing Programs for Women |  Villa Kali Ma

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